LEDSabering.com is your universal resource for LED Sabering schools and events!

LEDSabering.com does not advocate any specific style but instead recognizes the diversity allowed through LED sabering and supports that diversity across our community, listing like minded schools and their events that promote and uphold standards in sportsmanship, community, and learning.

All schools listed here meet the following conditions:

  • are an established martial arts school or club actively teaching LED Sabering
  • support the physical and mental growth and development of their membership in LED Sabering
  • are active community member driving the advancement of skills and abilities of their membership
  • promote and host events (tournaments, workshops, etc) that are open to the LED Sabering community at large 

If you would like to list your school and events here on LEDSabering.com, please send us a note and we will reach out to get started.