Spring Saber Clash

Date: April 18th 2020
Location: Laughing Dragon Kung Fu, 3006 Berkmar Drive, Charlottesville, VA
Host School: Saber Light Knights
Event Link: https://www.saberlightknights.com/spring-saber-clash.html

Spring Saber Clash is a full contact Saber Combat Tournament designed to connect Saberists of all
backgrounds, affiliations, and organizations! This event is being held with the goal of spreading the Light, and
spreading our sport as far as we possibly can.

There will be Three Separate Single Elimination Tournaments. One for Adults, one for Youth (Ages 8 – 12), and
the third for Adults with Special or “Exotic” Sabers. Adults who register to compete, may elect to participate in
Standards, Specials (Exotics), or both upon confirmation and spot availability.