Buffalo Saber Academy

Address: 280 Center Rd, West Seneca, NY 14224
Website / URL: http://www.horizonma.com
Contact Name: Datu Tim Hartman
Contact email: admin@horizonma.com

Horizon Martial Arts and Buffalo Saber Academy offer many different programs so our students can find a program to suit their personal needs. Whether you are looking for fitness, self-confidence or self-defence, our internationally certified staff can help you attain your goals. We teach classes in the Filipino Martial Arts of Modern Arnis, Kombatan & Balintawak, the Burmese Martial Art of Bando and LED Saber Fighting. Our students enjoy the benefit of training directly with featured instructors in smaller classes that allow individual attention. Martial arts training isn’t only for adults. We offer several separate children’s martial arts classes.