Omaha Metro Armed Combat Academy

Address: La Vista Community Center, 8116 Parkview Blvd, La Vista, NE 68128
Website / URL:
Contact Name: Hannah Gammack
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The purpose of this academy is to foster a love of swordplay in its many forms: Classic, Olympic, HEMA, and Lightsaber, in a fun environment that encourages all individuals. If you are a beginner – we will teach you. If you want to get ready for competitions – we will train you. If you want a fun hobby that includes physical movement and challenges you mentally, we will not pressure you to be anything else. Our purpose is to give that human feeling that somehow grants an ennobling feeling when you first pretended a stick was more than a stick – rapier, longsword, cutlass, or lightsaber. Whether your inner child beckoned you to be a scallywag pirate, a knight of the realm, space warrior, we are here to teach you the skills to allow those abilities in you!