Phoenix Saber

Address: 12409 W Indian School Rd Suite A-111, Avondale , AZ 85392
Website / URL:
Contact Name: Alan Venable
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We are a proud affiliate of the Saber Martial Arts Foundation.

Our 3 Pillars at Community, Camaraderie, and Competition.

Community- We encourage the research and development of Saber related Martial Arts through the honorable interchange of concepts and training drills and invitations to autonomous and non-autonomous events.

Camaraderie- We achieve ability, respect, honor, and integrity together through mutual benevolence in helping one another, cultivating a Saber-Family in service to each other, uplifting us all.

Competition- We set high standards for ourselves to live up to them, achieving incentive to grow and progress as we achieve them. We evolve and help each other through introspection, honesty, and collaboration.

Through shared wisdom we sharpen our skills and bring out the best in each other.